Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Featured Item: Client Project - Itsu

Here is the more traditional style assignment - where one is given a brief from a client to understand, investigate and eventually realise to. In this case the client is Itsu - an established chain of sushi bars with a western interpretation to key Japanese dishes.

Itsu wanted a fresh approach to the the packaging of their products, to enhance the shelf presence of very healthy food on sale in their stores, and for the brand to be seen as environmentally-friendly.

My reply to the brief was to exploit Itsu's nature of being fairly upmarket and exclusive (the locations of the bars' sites and customer audiences determine this). I came up with packaging foodstuffs with a tactile texture that reflects Itsu's image. Made of biodegradable materials shows the eco-awareness of the company, meanwhile simply placing windows that entice to see the highly nutritious content ticks the box of showcasing truly healthy food.

1 comment:

messytimbo said...

looks dope and radioactive free.

we need to go slap some sushi (but maybe not from itsu, i still don't trust that place) in celebration of both are projects.

thanks for your kind words