Friday, 2 March 2007

Introduction - Me!

Hi, I'm Alex - a young Brit aspiring to be a successful product/industrial designer. I've always had a passion for drawing; in my childhood I would always try to copy the illustrations of my favourite cartoon characters and video game heroes from magazines. I didn't trace ever, I wanted to faithfully emulate the images directly from eye. Entering my teens my interests fine-tuned. My fascination for say Sonic the Hedgehog for example, was being overpowered by the hardware that I'd be controlling him with. I just loved my TV and my Walkman amongst other gadgets. Interacting with such items was such a pleasure for me, but it wasn't until entering sixth form that it clicked that drawing electrical goods could be a realistic career path. My journey in becoming a designer had begun.

I'm currently in my final year at Central Saint Martins art college studying BA Product Design. Within this blog I'd like to show you selected pieces of work stemming from projects on this course; and various other works outside of my studies. With my degree coming to an end, I'm taking this opportunity to promote my designs in the hope of professionally entering the creative industries. Please do not hesitate in leaving comments, or contacting me if you'd like any additional information regarding my work.

Enjoy your stay,
Alex Boakye

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