Sunday, 8 April 2007

Personal Profile

My Personal Profile/CV/resumé is now up to view. Its a tight package that showcases my two main degree projects, as well as a selection of other assignments done throughout my product design course. To view the personal profile, click the link below.

Alex Boakye - Personal Profile


messytimbo said...

this is a cool old skool design.

i like it because most t.v designs look very slick, clean, futuristic and digital, where as this design looks very analogue and embraces the past, something which is done in fashion design, but i've yet to see in electronics. it makes the idea very contemporary because fashion and electronics are merging fast, due to products like ipods which sell you a lifestyle as well as a product which breaks after 5 minutes.

you've choped the top and the bottom of the image off with the blue margin things. you should make sure you can see the whole image

libra bear said...

Wassup alex, I didn't know you had a blog!!! Welcome bro, hope your good. Lovin your designs as usual. Hope all is well. Chat soon.
PS I agree with Tim 100%

Daniel M.C. Alvite said...

nice desing, like the old future style.

Radical.B said...

Yo Alex san! I keep checking back but no update, slap your adoring public with some fresh work.

Le Hornet said...

old school, you want a future idea i say... black t.v with a red Akuma sign.... (man thats deadly)

keep designing for you homes, soon or later you shall get a break. #

p.s thanks for the comment friend keep me updated.

mario kart wii where o where art val.


A.Pilly no update :( Your coming LifeDrawing next time I go with Tim yay!